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SST Technology

TC-Star also features links to sites related to research in core technologies for Speech-to-Speech Translation (SST). SST technology is a combination of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Spoken Language Translation (SLT) and Text to Speech (TTS) (speech synthesis).

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Speech to Speech Translation Resources

Cordis - The official site of the Community Research and Development Information Service

BAS - Founded in 1995, the Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals operates within the University of Munich and is dedicated to making a database of spoken German.

Linguistic Data Consortium - LDC supports language-related research, technology and education development by designing and distributing linguistic resources.

CORETEX - A project carried out by four leading speech recognition laboratories aiming to improve core speech recognition technologies.

ELRA - The European Language Resources Association is dedicated to making language resources available for language engineering and technology industries.

ILC-CNR - This educational institution specialises in the field of computational linguistics and is one of the major promoters of the notion of language resources as the central component of the "linguistic infrastructure".

Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet - Also known as SAMPA, this is a machine-readable phonetic alphabet.

SPEX - The Speech Processing Expertise Centre specialises in collection and validation of spoken language resources for Dutch and other languages.

The term "Speech-to-Speech" (STS) is also widely used in the USA when it is referred to as a service provided to people with speech difficulties.

A free round-the-clock national telephone relay service called Speech-To-Speech (STS) is available across the USA to people with speech disabilities. Those with difficulty being understood by the public can call 711 and request a Speech-to-Speech Operator, or Communication Assistant (CA). STS CAs are specifically trained and familiar with the huge variety of speech patterns. The CA then calls whatever number the initial caller wanted to dial and repeats the words exactly.

STS is available for personal, medical or business and is very easy to use. Among those currently using the STS service are people diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, stuttering, muscular dystrophy and other medical conditions affecting clarity of speech. STS is available in all fifty states, as well as the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden.

For more information on STS Telephone Relay service please visit the Federal Communications Commission.

Speech Communication Assistance by Telephone, Inc (SCT) is a non-profit organization that aims to help people with speech disabilities learn to use the phone with the help of STS.

SST Technology
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