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European Spanish Resources

European Spanish, also known as Peninsular Spanish, refers to the varieties of Spanish language spoken in the Iberian Peninsula as opposed to the Spanish spoken in any other continent, such as Africa or the Americas.

Variants of European Spanish include Andalusian Spanish, Aragonian Spanish, Canarian Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Castrapo, Murcian Spanish and Riojan Spanish.

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Learning European Spanish

Real Academia Española – Founded in 1713, the Real Academia Española is the official body overseeing Spanish Language, dealing with the pressures for change that modern life brings, as well as adapting and preserving the uniqueness of this historic language.

International Association of Language Centres – Founded in 1983, the IALC unites high-quality, independent language schools that teach their native language to international students. The organisation has offices in most major cities around the globe.

Association of Spanish Language Academies – Regulates the Spanish language. Its website provides links to all separate academies in the Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish Dialects on the Map – View a detailed map of Spanish dialects in the Iberian Peninsula, with notes and brief descriptions.

BBC Languages: Spanish – Ideal for both beginners and intermediates, this part of the BBC website provides a variety of superb language learning tools, with games, exercises and audio clips.

Further Information

Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies (SPLAS) – Study Spanish at the School of Humanities, University of Southampton, UK. The programmes include Spanish and Latin American Studies, Spanish-Speaking World, Management Sciences and Spanish, and many more.

Learn Spanish in Spain – Spanish language info and schools in Spain. This useful guide contains information, advice and resources on perfecting your Spanish language skills.

Learn Spanish in Spain & Mexico | - Learn Spanish with don Quijote Spanish language schools, offering Spanish courses in Spain & Mexico. Study Spanish with don Quijote!

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