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The Americas

Selected Websites for this area

The Americas comprise the continents of North America and South America with their associated islands and regions, covering 28.4% of the Earth's land area. Containing approximately 900 million people, the Americas boast a wide variety of spoken languages.

Some of the largest countries in the Americas are Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela and Chile.

On Trusted Connection we have given the United States of America a separate section, with detailed state profiles and resources.

Business & Economy

Business News Americas
Business News Americas provides reports and articles for Latin American and Central American news. The website contains current updates on topics like energy, infrastructure, banking and insurance, technology and economic research reports.

Latin Business Chronicle
The Latin Business Chronicle provides daily updates on business news in the Americas with economic reviews, trend analyses, in depth reports and corporate commentaries. With company rankings, a Latin Business Index, up to date GDP statistics and trade information.


The Amazon Conservation Association
The Amazon Conservation is a nonprofit organisation active in the Americas and works towards protecting biodiversity in the Amazonian Rainforest. The members of the ACA study ecosystems and help to develop innovative conservation techniques to preserve the rare forms of life that live in the region.

EcoLogic Development Fund
EcoLogic is a nonprofit organisation that works with poor, rural communities within Latin America to help promote environmentally conscious behavior and conservation tools to help them manage their resources in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way. The website provides information about the organisation, its work, current projects and how to get involved.

Science & Education

The Scientific American
The Scientific American is one of the Americas oldest magazines as it has been continuously published for over 160 years. The online site offers scientific information in the form of journals, an expert directory, current events and press releases.

Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
The Association of the Advancement of Computing in Education is a nonprofit organisation that aims to promote information technology within education. The activities of the institution include e-learning research, developing IT in education and finding ways to practically apply technology into schools.

Arts & Creative

Sounds and Colours
Sounds and Colours is a magazine that explores Latin American culture and music. The aim of the website is to generate awareness about the diversity of South American culture, art and music on an international level.

Culture Canada
Ontario Ministry of Culture is an organisation that encourages heritage, cultural industries and the arts in the area. The website has news updates, heritage sites, library directories and much more.

Exploring the Region

Visit Mexico
Visit Mexico is a tourism website that provides geographical information, destination ideas, vacation theme, activities in the area and current events. The website also has links to many other exploring the region resources.

Visit Latin America
Visit Latin America is a travel directory for the Americas and the website is a resource hub for tourism links. The portal also provides and image gallery, articles, links, and current news for the region.