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Middle East

Selected Websites for this area

Traditionally the Middle East is comprised of Turkey, the Arabian Peninsula, The Fertile Crescent, Cyprus, Iran and Egypt. The three main languages that are spoken in the region are Arabic, Persian and Turkish and the area has great ethnic and religious diversity.

The economy of the Middle East is also exceptionally diverse, benefiting from abundant natural resources such as crude oil and natural gas. Saudi Arabia is home to 25% of the world's oil reserves.

The richest countries in the region are Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain (according to GDP per capita), with Qatar also being one of the richest countries in the world.

Business & Economy

Arabian Business is a comprehensive guide to the economy and industry of the Middle East; with articles, expert analyses and reader forums. The website provides information on key topics such as banking and finance, transportation, real estate, politics and economics, media and marketing and so much more.

Middle East business news releases are provided on this website with regularly updated articles and special reports on current business topics, developments in IT and technology and industry news. With links to a business directory, job searches and business services.

The Pakistan Ready-made Garment Manufacturer and Exporter Association is a trade organisation with strong government and commercial ties, making it a key player in industry lobbying. The body works with manufacturers to ensure they are working to market needs, provides historical statistics and can play an important role in the expansion of any foreign firm into Pakistan's extensive textiles industry.


Green Prophet
The Green Prophet is an environmental news website that reports on the Middle East. Considered to be a definitive source of green news for the Middle East, the Green Prophet promotes an environmentally conscious perspective in its news reports.

Middle East Waste Summit
This website is dedicated to the Waste World Summit that is being hosted by the UAE to deal with Middle East waste and conservation issues. The website provides information about the conferences, the invitees, the exhibitions, sponsors and industry news.

Science & Education

Middle East Education
Middle East Education is a portal for domestic and international students looking for education resources in the Middle East. The website provides a directory of courses and educational establishments along with regular news updates on topics such as student funding and career opportunities. There are also educational special reports with statistics on graduation rates, school spending and much more.

The Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands
ACSAD is a regional research center in the Arab World concerned with the development of the arid and semi-arid land areas in the Middle East. The website contains educational information, research programs, training centres and researcher forums.

Arts & Creative

Canvas Magazine
Canvas is a magazine that aims to give a dynamic voice to the art of the Middle East and position the art and culture of the region onto an international stage. The website provides art news updates, an online shop, gallery and exhibition directories and information about current events.

Arab Art Gallery
The Arab Art Gallery is an online gallery that features high level paintings that reflect the Islamic art form and the traditional Arabic lifestyle. The website contains a wide range of styles and art types and also information about the culture of the region.

Exploring the Region Middle East
Visit Europe is a travel and tourism website that helps users to plan their holidays to Europe. With articles on popular destinations, reader forums, flight searches, currency converters and weather information, discovering Europe is only a few clicks away.

Europe Travel Guide
The Middle East Hub is a centre for tourism information and an ideal portal for exploring the Middle East. The website provides detailed information on the popular destinations and cities in the region along with travel guides and flight and hotel booking links.

The Countries & People of Arabia
An exhaustive list of websites and online resources focused on the Middle East, with country-specific subsections for specific research. The site covers all relevant categories including business, travel, cultural groups and history, a list of government and media bodies, and makes book recommendations for further reading.