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Selected Websites for this area

Australasia is a region of Oceania and includes the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, the island of New Guinea and several neighbouring islands spread across the Pacific Ocean. Australasia is most commonly used as a term for Australia and New Zealand together, but sometimes regions of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia are included in the meaning of the term.

Australasia has a prosperous, Western-style mixed economy and significant natural resources such as coal, copper, gold, nickel, silver and natural gas. The region boasts relatively high per capita GDPs and the service sector of the economy, including education, tourism and financial services, comprises 69 % of GDP.

Business & Economy

News AU: Business
Business News brings you the most up to date news from the Australian markets along with current news on the Australian dollar and share prices. With information from the ASX, market charts and breaking business news.

Australian Bureau of Statistics
The Australian Bureau of Statistics is a comprehensive website containing an overview of Australia's economic, market, population and environmental statistics. The website also offers customised data, downloadable content and census updates.


Australian Environment Portal
The Australian Government Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts is a public institution that aims to develop and implement conservational national policies. The website includes information resources on the atmosphere, biodiversity, parks and reserves, coasts and marine life.

Australian Conservation Foundation
The Australian Conservation Foundation aims to promote conservational techniques and environmentally conscious behaviour in the general public. They are involved in research, consultation, partnerships and education for the improvement of the environment.

Science & Education

Australasian Science
This monthly magazine provides news and commentary on scientific and technological developments in New Zealand and Australia. The website offers a subscription service, articles on current science news and a reader's forum.

The University of Queensland, Australia
The University of Queensland is a highly prestigious educational facility within Australia. The website provides information on the college itself, student accommodation, the alumni and the courses it offers.

Arts & Creative

The Art Gallery of Western Australia
The Art Gallery of Western Australia was established in 1895 and is located in the Perth Cultural Centre and boasts the State Art Collection, which has one of the finest anthologies of Indigenous Art in the world. The website provides information on current exhibitions, permanent collections, events and programs along with advice on planning your visit.

Australia Council for the Arts
The Australia Council for the Arts is a government body dedicated to supporting the enjoyment and the practice of the arts in the region. The website provides information on grants, the research hub, current events, new updates and art directories.

Australian Museum
The Australian Museum has a wide nature and cultural collection and the website provides information about the exhibitions, the research and education services. Also home to a mineral and fossil collection unique to the region.

Exploring the Region

Tourism Australia
This is the official tourism website for Australia and it contains destination ideas, information about Australia and its culture along with current events throughout the country. Also with a function to help you to plan your holiday that includes booking, accommodation and transport information.

Visit Australia
Visit Australia is a tourism website that allows its user to explore Australia, glean travel ideas, and tour inspirations. Alongside this is a portal to the Visa Bureau, an Australian job search, educational websites, news articles and a whole range of useful links.