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New Zealand

Selected Websites for this area

Trusted Connections publishes useful links to selected 'Star' websites such as government organisations, companies, charities, businesses, cultural centers and online resources worldwide.

Coming soon to this page is an elite selection of vital resources for New Zealand, and we are in the process of compiling a similar treasury of 'must visit' online properties for all populated continents.

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Business & Economy

Business New Zealand
Business New Zealand is a business website that contains a host of resources for its users including reports on the economy, tax, education and training, health and safety, statistics and population and much more. Also with current news articles, company annual reports, analyses and recent business surveys.

This is the official government website for business in New Zealand and it compiles free resources, information and tools to assist companies looking to start up, manage and expand their businesses. The website has information about government regulations, industry reports, tax information and portals to the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Programmes.

Serviced Offices in New Zealand
Webscout has a comprehensive listing of offices available in New Zealand. View photos, maps and details online or call now to speak to a consultant.


Ministry for the Environment
The Ministry for the Environment is the government body responsible for environmental stewardship and to promote an environmentally conscious and prosperous New Zealand. The website boasts a large variety of information including current news and events along with their projects and publications.

Department of Conservation
The Department of Conservation is an organisation that is dedicated to promoting conservational techniques and environmental consciousness within New Zealand. The website provides information on the protection of the country’s natural and historic heritage, public conservation sites and how the general public can get involved.

Science & Education

Science New Zealand
Science New Zealand aims to identify, respond to and solve science based challenges within the country and the globe. The website offers information about the New Zealand Science members, locations, missions and also has a range of articles and presentations on science related topics.

GNS Science
GNS Science is the leading provider of Earth, isotope and geosciences research in New Zealand along with consultancy service for those in the field. The overall aim of the organisation is to understand the system processes and resources on Earth and to help to translate this information into practical economic, social and environmental benefits.

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research is a Crown owned consultancy and research company that is globally renowned for its expertise in this field. The website is a huge information resource on aquaculture, biotechnology, the atmosphere, energy solutions and much more.

Arts & Creative

Arts Council New Zealand
Creative New Zealand is the country's national agency that aims to promote arts and culture in New Zealand. The website provides information about the council itself and its boards along with funding, current initiatives and projects and resources.

Auckland Art Gallery
The Auckland Art Gallery is a home to New Zealand’s visual arts and it has a massive collection of historic, modern and contemporary art. The website allows you to explore the current collection and exhibitions with images of over 14,000 artworks.

Exploring the Region

Explore New Zealand Holidays
Explore New Zealand Holidays is an itinerary planning and travel reservation website that provides information on popular holiday destinations and packages, excursions, luxury vacations and activities and attractions in New Zealand.

Discover New Zealand
Discover New Zealand is a travel and tourism website that offers advice and assistance in booking your perfect holiday to the country. The site provides a choice of hundreds of travel packages along with information about New Zealand’s climate and legal regulations along with an image gallery.