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Europe is the second smallest continent in the world by surface area; however it has the largest economy and is the richest region on earth. It spans across an estimated 10,180,000 kilometres squared, about 6.8% of the earth's land mass, and has a population of over 73 million. With around 11 percent of the world's population living with Europe's borders, it is the third most highly populated continent in earth.

After the beginning of colonialism, Europe has always played a large role in global affairs and is considered to be the origin of Western Culture as we know it today.

Business & Economy

EU Business
EU Business is an essential resource for daily-updated European business news including European Union reports and economic data. With event news, expert analyses, legislation and regulation guides for investors, EU law information, company contexts and reader forums.

Business Europe
The Business Europe website is a hub for business news for the European region. Key issues that are discussed include the economy, single market policies, research and innovation, climate change, intellectual property and finance issues.

Office Space in Europe
Webscout specialises in helping companies find the perfect office space in Europe. We can also help you arrange viewings and negotiate pricing.

Business Media
European SEO agency specializing in organic search engine marketing services in English and Estonian.


European Environment Agency
The European Environment Agency provides access to environmental topics, publications, multimedia, data and maps and networks through this website. The EEA is committed to helping the member countries and European community and to aid in coordinating environmental information and observation networks.

ENDS Europe
ENDS Europe is a continental environmental information and news service that provides articles on climate changes, energy developments, waste and resources updates, pollution and nature, transport and market and corporate influences on the environment.

Science & Education

European Science Foundation
The European Science Foundation is an association dedicated to scientific research. The institution has 79 member oganisations operating in 30 different countries. The core aim of the ESF is to promote high quality science at a continental level.

Euroscience association
The Euroscience website provides an open forum for debate on technology, science and research policies within Europe and an integrated virtual space for science and technology in the continent. The website includes information about the organisation’s activities, current news updates and developments in science innovations.

Arts & Creative

Community Arts Europe
Community Arts Europe is an organisation dedicated to building a network for culture and democracy within Europe. The aim of this website is to promote peace, cultural exchange, social inclusion and dialogue and management of art practices.

European Culture Foundation
The European Culture Foundation is a nonprofit, independent organisation that aims to facilita and catalyze new forms of creative expression and cultural exchange. This online platform provides information on the grants available, activities and current news and events in the arts and creative world.

Exploring the Region

Visit Europe
Visit Europe is a travel and tourism website that helps users to plan their holidays to Europe. With articles on popular destinations, reader forums, flight searches, currency converters and weather information, discovering Europe is only a few clicks away.

Europe Travel Guide
This website is home to one of the most comprehensive online European travel guides that features up to date information on popular destinations, shopping centres, hotels and travel transportation. With a guide to the geographical locations, history and culture of the region and a photo gallery.