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Hong Kong

Selected Websites for this area

Business & Economy

GovHK: Business & Trade
The official Hong Kong government business and trading site.

Hong Kong Government Census and Statistics department
Aiming to contribute to Hong Kong’s social and economic developments, the department’s official site features reports on provisional and external statistics.

Hong Kong Serviced Offices
Free advanced search tools for finding available serviced offices, managed office space and business centre accommodation throughout Hong Kong.


WWF-Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s branch of WWF, a leading global conservation organisation. WWF HK works towards improving the environment for present and future generations in Hong Kong.

Environmental Protection Department
The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) was created in 1986 to co-ordinate and carry out pollution prevention and control activities.

Science & Education

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Opened in 1991, HKUST is the only science and technology research university in Hong Kong at the moment, and the only one to offer an all-PhD faculty. The site features detailed information on admissions, programmes, continuing education and research opportunities.

The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute
ASTRI is a publicly-funded applied research institution, founded by the Government of Hong Kong SAR in 2000. The main focus is on communications technologies, enterprise & consumer electronics, bio-medical electronics and packaging technologies.

Arts & Creative

Hong Kong Museum Of Arts
Established in 1962, Hong Kong Museum of Arts focuses on art and antiquities from Hong Kong, Guangdong and China, and also brings to Hong Kong a multi-cultural vision of the arts and culture of the world. Their website contains news about current and upcoming exhibitions and activities.

Entertainment Expo Hong Kong
An annual entertainment expo in Hong Kong, consisting of up to nine individual events, including Hong Kong International Film & TV Market, Asian Film Awards, Hong Kong Music Fair and the Hong Kong Independent Short Film Video Awards.

The Hong Kong Literature Festival
Organised by the Hong Kong Public Libraries, this literature festival attracts writers, scholars, cultural critics and literary to participate in a series of events, aimed at tracing various stages in the development of Hong Kong literature.
A bilingual website (English and French) dedicated to promote Hong Kong and Chinese cinemas, with a database of films and talents as well as an editorial content of interviews, features, reviews, news, etc.

Exploring the Region

Discover Hong Kong
Provides information on various ways of discovering Hong Kong. Whether it’s shopping, sightseeing, visiting cultural events and festivals, the site has plenty of guides and resources to make your trip exciting and unforgettable.

Hong Kong Wetland Park
Located at the northern part of Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, Hong Kong, the Wetland Park is a world-class wetland ecotourism attraction. It occupies approximately 61 hectares and shows the thrilling diversity of Hong Kong's wetland ecosystem.

Hong Kong Vacation Rentals
This list of short term apartment rentals in Hong Kong is regularly updated and includes flats that are available for rent on a daily, or at least a weekly basis. The site provides information on affordable accommodation in Hong Kong, as only those flats that cost up to US $150 per night are listed. A useful resource for any visitor.

Hong Kong Food Blog
A pictorial blog - all about yummy Chinese foods in Hong Kong - written by a local Hong Kong Chinese food lover. Find out what and where to eat and how much to pay. Also learn a few Cantonese phrases to speak with the waiters in any Hong Kong restaurants.

Travel Hong Kong Attractions
This online project will take you on a virtual tour along the most remarkable and exciting routes to all the memorable, historical, interesting and fun Hong Kong attractions. The site has detailed instructions on how to get to the attractions, what public transport to take, how long it will take and how much it will cost. A superb one-stop Hong Kong travel guide.