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Selected Websites for this area

Business & Economy

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan: Economic Affairs
This section of the ministry's website provides access to Japan's economic affairs, stats, reports and news. The site also features information on visas, regional affairs, foreign policies and business news.

NHK World: Business
NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is Japan's sole public broadcaster, financed by fees paid by TV set owners nationwide. The business section of NHK World focuses on Japan's politics and business.

Tokyo Office Space
Webscout offers a no cost, no obligation service to help companies find suitable office space in Japan. With hundreds of available offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya and Fukuoka, the website makes the task of finding suitable business accommodation in Japan straightforward and fast.

Traditional Japanese Clothing and Accessories
Koromo Japan offers a range of traditional Japanese clothing, footwear, accessories and handicraft items such as tattoo t-shirts, hanten jackets, wagasa umbrellas, zori sandals and more.

Tokyo Serviced Apartment Consultants are serviced apartments and office space consultants for foreigners and expatriates in Tokyo. Multilingual customer support is available.

JP-Domains has been an JPRS accredited registrar since 2003 by parent company Taka Enterprise Ltd. and is located in Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan. They provide help for partners and global companies to register .JP domains. Overland Co., Ltd
Established in 2003, Overland Co., Ltd is a new company that publishes and develops entertainment computer software in Japan.

PMC Japan
Founded in 1974 and based in Tokyo, PMC is specialised in business consulting, marketing and promotion. Their staff, which includes all the managers, consultants, sale representatives and technicians; have in depth knowledge of Japanese business customs and are specialised in international business development. They are also all fluent in Japanese, English and French.


WWF Japan
WWF Japan was founded in 1971 and undertakes various environmental projects, focused on forestry, freshwater ecosystems, marine, wildlife, climate change and toxic chemical issues.

Ministry of Environment, Government of Japan
Overseeing Japan's environmental policies, waste & recycling issues, as well as focusing on air and transportation, water / soil /ground environment, health, and nature.

Totoro Forest Project
The project was set up in an effort to preserve Sayama Forest, a 8750 acre park on the outskirts of Tokyo also known as Totoro Forest. The forest has been subject to urban development and has attracted the attention of many leading artists around the globe who donate their artwork for this noble cause.

Science & Education

FOE Japan
Designing, managing and overseeing environmental programmes in Japan and overseas, such as Siberia, China and South Pacific.

Kyodo News: Environment and Science
Kyodo is a non-profit cooperative organisation funded by membership fees and revenue generated from non-member subscribers. Among other news, Kyodo focuses on environment and science issues, reports and stats.

Jim Breen's Japanese Page
A comprehensive page on Japanese dictionaries, educational and scientific resources, but also cultural and humor from Japan.

Japan Communications Metalingua
Based in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada; JCM originally started teaching Japanese and translation in Government organisations. They now integrate language and web skills to promote communications between the West and Japan. Their services include translating your company profiles, web pages and business documents from English to Japanese through to creating custom designed courses for your business about Japan.

Arts & Creative

Tokyo National Museum
TNM is the oldest and largest museum in Japan, with stunning collections of Japanese arts, including archaeology, sculpture, painting, calligraphy and decorative arts.

National Theatre of Japan
Founded in 1966, the National Theatre of Japan unites several venues such as the National Theatre, National Engei Hall, National Bunraku Theatre and National Theatre Okinawa. The theatre stages performances of such traditional Japanese performing arts as Kabuki, Noh & Kyogen, and Bunraku.

Gary J. Wolff
Gary J. Wolff is a Tokyo-based corporate trainer, university lecturer and model/actor whom shares his perspective on Japan's fascinating and exciting culture through his humorous and insightful blogs, videos, pictures and informative articles.

Custom Sword Restoration America's only full line manufacturer of genuine, high quality Japanese sword parts, sword restorations and sword reproductions.

Bonsaii Information Craig Coussins has a passionate interest in Bonsai and nature, giving answers on his personal techniques for growing and developing Bonsai through his website and his books.

Exploring the Region

Japan National Tourism Organisation
Providing visitors with an extensive collection of resources on Japan's history, culture, cuisine, shopping and sightseeing, this site gives access to downloadable tourist guides and brochures.

Official Tourism Guide for Japan
Split into four main sections - heritage, indulgence, adventure and modern art - this useful guide provides visitors with superb trip planning tools and resources.

Tokyo Room Finder
The Tokyo room finder staff have helped find accommodation for foreigners visiting or staying in Japan for over five years.

Nagoya Info
Provides residents and visitors to Nagoya City useful information, interesting articles and posts on city life as well as sightseeing and events information.

Japan Residence
Japan Residence offers serviced apartments in Nagoya with no complicated contracts, setting up utilities, or shipping furniture required.

Japan Travel Mate
More than just a Japan Travel Guide, it's also a blog about all things related to Japan. Covering Japanese culture, places to stay, things to do and more for the Japan tourist and Japanophile.

Travel Japan
This site provides detailed reviews about hotels and ryokans throughout Japan, from busy Tokyo to quiet rural areas.

InfomapJAPAN is a free eMagazine providing information on Japan. The wealth of information and printable maps with sightseeing spots should please visitors to Japan.

Hiroko Channel
Hiroko Nakamura is a Japanese freelance journalist and researcher for foreign media. She has worked previously for the New Yorker, The Independent, Canada's The Globe and Mail, as well as IDG News Service. She introduces various Japanese culture events to international audiences.

Eat Drink Kyoto
An extensive search guide to the best restaurants, bars and cafes throughout Kyoto, Japan.

Kyoto Weddings Wedding planning, photography and Kimono coordination at local shrines and temples in Kyoto, Japan.

Japan Travel Guide Find wide-ranging, in-depth information about Japan, past and present, for the Japan traveller and resident.

Ryokan Sawanoya Traditional Japanese Inn Ryokan Sawanoya is based in Tokyo where visitors can experience the traditional Japanese life style while living in a real neighbourhood that has major museums, concert halls and the zoo.

Expat & Local Info

Japan Psychiatrist Based in the Shibuya-Ebisu area of central Tokyo, Dr. Douglas Berger is a bilingual English and Japanese speaker that conducts psychotherapy and psychological counselling for visiting foreigners and local Japanese. He is an experienced psychotherapist in individual mental health counselling, child and adolescent counselling, marriage and divorce counselling, life counselling, family therapy and Japanese-Western couples therapy.

Kyoto Apartment and Share House Agency J-Stay is a furnished monthly apartment, flat share and guest house agency for foreigners visiting through Kyoto. They do not require any complicated documents, just passport and a valid visa.