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Selected Websites for this area

Business & Economy

Boston: Business
Boston Business is a local business news website that provides articles on current events in technology, the economy, personal finance and healthcare. The website also offers market data, economic indicator reports and user forums.

Boston Business Journal
The Boston Business Journal is a resource hub for business, economic, real estate, sales and marketing data. The Journal also includes a range of articles on current events, stock market information, a business directory and economic indicators.

Office Space in Boston
Search for available office space in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. View vacant business centre accommodation, executive suites and temporary office space listings.


Environment Massachusetts
Environment Massachusetts is an environmental conservation organisation that combines research, knowledge and funding from a range of sources in order to combat environmental issues. The website contains articles on energy solutions, preservation techniques, the protection of the Atlantic and much more.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection is the state organisation responsible for ensuring clean water and air along with the safe management of hazardous materials and recycling along with the preservation of coastal resources and wetlands.

Science & Education

Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair
The Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair is a not for profit organisation that aims to advance science literacy through statewide fairs and science and engineering projects. Students involved in the fairs participate in inquiry based-learning and the programs promote critical life and career skills.

University Of Massachusetts
The University of Massachusetts is one of the state’s leading universities and it is dedicated to providing students and residents with high quality educational opportunities. The website offers information about the campus, facilities, alumni and donors along with course options.

Arts & Creative

Massachusetts Art Education Association
MASS MoCA is one of the leading centres in the world for the production and presentation of art and multi-media performances. The Association is also involved with visual art exhibitions, educational programs and the economic and commercial development of the arts.

Museum of Fine Arts
The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is one of the world’s most comprehensive art museums with its collection encompassing a total of almost 450,000 works of art. The website provides information on opening hours, location, events calendar and current exhibitions.

Exploring the Region

Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism
The Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism website is an ideal source of information for visitors to the state. The website provides information on destination ideas, places to stay, transportation options and image galleries.

Visit Massachusetts
Visit Massachusetts is a travel and tourism website that offers advice, assistance and geographical information about the state. There is detailed information about all the main areas of Massachusetts with image galleries, advice to tourists and current events.