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Trusted Connections publishes useful links to selected 'Star' websites such as government organisations, companies, charities, businesses, cultural centers and online resources worldwide.

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Business & Economy

Nevada Business
The Nevada Business Magazine is the official business journal for the state and provides in depth analyses on current events and a comprehensive overview of business news for Nevada.

Nevada Department of Business and Industry
The Nevada Department of Business and Industry’s core objective is to promote and encourage development, legal operation and growth of business within the state. The website acts as a department resource centre for individual and corporate users alike.

Office Space in Las Vegas
Search for available office space in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. View vacant business centre accommodation, executive suites and temporary office space listings.


Environment Nevada
Environment Nevada is an environmental advocacy organisation that aims to preserve the natural environment of Nevada and encourage environmentally conscious behavior in citizens and businesses.

This website is the online presence of the Division of Environmental Protection of the State of Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The organisation is dedicated to protecting both the human and the natural environment.

Nevada Wilderness
The Friends of the Nevada Wilderness is an orgnisation that is dedicated to preserving the public lands of the state as wilderness and to promoting awareness of this goal. The website provides information and statistics, articles on current issues and an image gallery.

Science & Education

Desert Research Institute
The Desert Research Institute, in affiliation with the University of Nevada, is focused on researching water resources, global climate change, air quality, atmospheric physics and the evolution of the species. The website provides a directory, research and publications, current news, education and outreach programs and employment opportunities.

University of Reno
The University of Nevada is one of the leading higher educational facilities in the state and the website contains information on the courses available, the financial aid and grants, the academics, degrees and programs along with how to apply.

Arts & Creative

The Nevada Museum of Art
The Nevada is an accredited art museum located in Reno within Nevada and the establishment serves as both an educational and cultural resource. The website provides information visiting the museum, the exhibitions in place and much more.

Las Vegas Natural Museum of History
The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is a non-profit, private institution that aims to educate the families, children and adults of the Nevada community. The website provides image galleries, information on current exhibits, an events calendar and how to get involved.

Exploring the Region

Travel Nevada
Travel Nevada is the official travel and tourism website for Nevada and it provides all the information visitors need to explore the region.

Visit Las Vegas
Visit Las Vegas is a tourism website that contains information on the attractions of the city such as lodging, clubs, restaurants and shows along with maps of the region and special offers.