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Expat Resources

Expatriate workers around the globe may be different nationalities and working in completely different countries, but they all share many traits in common - culture shock, excitement, anxiety, home-sickness and difficulty adjusting. Though filled with stress and trials, expat life brings unique benefits. This page lists a selection of high quality resources to help expats fit into their new communities and communicate with their old ones.

Expatriates Worldwide - This comprehensive English-language portal provides daily news and practical information on living, working and doing business abroad, with useful tips on finding accommodation, jobs and local expat communities. The site has plenty of information on legal and tax systems, health care and entertainment in various countries around the globe.

Escape Artist - Focusing on offshore real estate, overseas home-based business and expat health and relationship issues, Escape Artist provides a thoughtfully selected list of resources, tips, guides and general articles.

Expat Living - These expat and travel guides are designed by Bupa International, with the aim of providing expats with the most up-to-date information on health care abroad, as well as general information on relocation, working, living and wellbeing.

Expat Info Desk - This international relocation guide covers various aspects of moving overseas, from destination overviews and country profiles, to tips and advice on learning a foreign language, settling in, moving your pet or finding a job as an expatriate.

Czech & Slovak Expats in North America - provides Czech and Slovak community in North America with information and promotional services for cultural events, such as art exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, social events and activities for children. The site is designed with nearly 3 million expatriates in mind, and acts as a superb cultural hub.

Expatriate Services

Animalcouriers - Animalcouriers offer pet road travel and animal air freight services to move your pets and other animals throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Distinctly British - Offering a range of products from small British companies, which represent the quality and value for money which is still available from manufacturers and designers in the UK.

Pet Transport - Pet Transport Experts in the United Kingdom, always with the welfare of the animal in mind.

Relocate UK - Relocate UK is one of the most successful and respected agencies for UK relocation. Specialising in both corporate and individual relocation, they offer a wide range of service solutions that can be tailored to the client's needs whether this is a company executive on a short term assignment, an entire workforce relocating with their office or a family of 4 looking to start a new life in the UK.